About Us

The story


Liquid sky productions was created by Roumen Iadski, who has an innovative approach to lighting. In 2013, without any production experience, he created notable lighting programming and animation (see video below), using his PC and visualizer. He connected his Digital Audio Workstation to a computerized console to reach his goals, opening the door for the next level in lighting.

In 2015, Roumen invested in lighting gear, but without knowing anyone in the industry, Roumen didn't seem to have much chances to turn his expensive hobby into a business. In the beginning of 2016 Roumen did a couple of house gigs, allowing him to videotape his show, and in August 2016 he landed his first job (a wedding). In a few short months since then, Roumen did the most amazing journey, landing many high profile jobs, MGM, Big Night DC Extravaghanza, Chrysallis at Merriweather, Echostage, Bliss club, Power Plant Live! Baltimore, festivals, weddings, church concerts, raves, many venues. He provided lighting productions for over 60 bands in the area and beyond, national acts (ex. Jack Russell's Great White/Powerman 5000/Enuff Z'Nuff band), and has a local TV show about music and lighting production. 

About Liquid Sky Productions

 Liquid Sky Productions excels in providing control and fixture selection at the cutting edge for smaller shows, as well as bringing unlimited creativity opportunities for larger shows. Every specialist in our team is a seasoned professional, ensuring flawless performance, safety, reliability, exceeding standards at every performance. We are at the forefront in innovation in lighting.  

This is how we started

Roumen Iadski's first lighting programming in 2013 simulating real-life environment